RED O West Hollywood Mixes it UP!

Red O Lemonade 1219RED O West Hollywood Mixes it UP! – My recent visit to…RED O in West Hollywood was more than just a cocktail tasting.  Mixologist, Steve Calabro blends his culinary knowledge into the bar scene forever changing the cocktail landscape.  Gone are the days of being a good bartender.  Today’s top bar chefs aka mixologists really know their culinary stuff or if they don’t, they better hone their skills to compete with the innovation at RED O. It’s not just that RED O is helmed by the well-loved Rick Bayless but according to Steve Calabro, Chef Bayless spent hours with the mixologist discussing the direction of the bar that is so much a part of RED O’s unique style. From the sexy RED O Lemonade made with Koval White Rye, Veev Acai berry liqueur, and Steve’s own steeped lemongrass syrup to my personal favorite, the Inspiracion Martini ~ a luscious combo of Beefeater 24 gin, plum bitters, fresh lemon, and agave nectar ~ RED O cocktails are something to be savored and will change your perception on what going out for a cocktail really means.

Some of mixologist’ Steve Calabro’s other secrets: pasilla pepper syrup, gastrique of strawberry and jalapeno, and limeade serrano syrup.  Who would have imagined the spice citrus blends I love so much in my Bikini Cuisine would transcend the saute pan and land in your high ball glass!  Steve’s cocktails have so much flavor, vitamin C and spice going on I could practically feel the calories burning and my metabolism increasing with each sip. The perfect pairing with these inspiring cocktails were RED O savory snacks, as they call them on the menu.  Fresh Corn & Goat Cheese Tamales with roasted poblano chlies in a corn husk, Mazatlan Blue Shrimp Empanaditas with chipotle chile, pickled vegetables, and cream, and Steamed Mexican Shrimp & Calamares featuring sour orange, habanero, cucumber,jicama, avocado and delicious cilantro.  Whether you are heading to RED O for cocktails and appetizers or dinner, you can’t go wrong.  Chef Rick Bayless and Mixologist Steve Calabro are a team that will be hard to surpass.
8155 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90046
323 655 5009

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