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L'Ermitage, Get Maine Lobster, Weekly Fitness Challenge

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Ring in the New Year in a bikini with the Weekly Fitness Challenge coming to San Diego January 7, 8, 2012! Geoff Hampton tells the story behind the creation of the Weekly Fitness Challenge and how it has grown from concept to reality with fitness experts from all over the world. Join us next weekend for this exciting, life changing event : Weekly Fitness Challenge

Also on the show this week, Chef Joseph Elevado of L’Ermitage talks his new menu. And, Chef Z-Z dishes on his new book, Mourish Fusion Cusine… Moroccan foods for the new year.

Featured for the New Year: Get Maine Lobster Order your LIVE or fresh lobster, mussels, crab cakes and more from

Fresh lobster delivered right to your door!

Meet Geoff Hampton , me ~ The Bikini Chef ~ and a host of other fitness experts for theWeekly Fitness Challengein San Diego next weekend, January 7-8, 2012! Kicking off the New Year with a healthy


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