New Perspectives on the Vegan Diet


New Perspectives on the Vegan Diet

Vegan For Fit Vegan For Fit

Is a vegan diet too extreme? What does a vegan diet really do for you and your body? Is living a vegan lifestyle even logical? If you have ever considered living (and eating) a vegan lifestyle, this episode of The Bikini Lifestyles Show is for you. Host, Susan Irby is excited to welcome vegan fitness expert and best-selling author Attila Hildmann all the way from Germany. Attila stops by the radio studio at Talk Radio 790 KABC in Los Angeles to talk with Susan about his newest book and diet plan, Vegan For Fit.

Attila Hildmann Attila Hildmann

A self-proclaimed fat and lazy guy in his pre-vegan lifestyle phase, Attila shares the key turning point in his life that gave him the courage to get off the couch and change his poor eating habits. With small steps and making key dietary adjustments here and there, Attila took his life from fat and lazy to fit, active and healthy. Having lost over 77 pounds, Attila now is a role model for others seeking to live a long lasting healthy active lifestyle.

Attila Hildmann Vegan for Fit Attila Hildmann Vegan for Fit

Speaking on his newest book, Vegan For Fit, Attila talks about the key points of a vegan diet, gives his take on GMO foods, soy, salt, and more. Don’t miss this compelling and informative interview available as a free podcast here!

Episode highlights:
*The vegan diet – pros, cons, and how it’s done today
*Author Attila Hildmann
*Recipe of the Week: Zucchini Pasta with Fresh Herb Tomato Sauce

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