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All Olive Oils The Same?

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Global Gardens Olive Oil Tasting Kit

Are all olive oils the same? Not according to expert Theo Stephan of Global Gardens.

Bikini Lifestyles AM 790 KABC radio with Susan Irby The Bikini Chef welcomes olive oil expert, Theo Stephan, of Global Gardens. Theo’s Greek family heritage shines through in this captivating interview and on-air olive oil tasting. What are the secrets behind the incredible olive oils and vinegars from Global Gardens? Tune in Saturday, February 9 7pm PT on Bikini Lifestyles AM 790 KABC radio. Out of the LA area? Listen LIVE streaming at!

SuperFood Kale SuperFood Kale

Also in this show, Recipe of the Week:
Steamed Kale with Toasted Walnuts

Kale is trending as one of 2013’s hottest superfoods. It’s rich antioxidant properties make it ideal for fighting off cancer, cleaning out toxins, and aiding in slowing the aging process. This simple dish steams kale in a saute pan with onion, mushrooms, a hint of cumin and nutmeg, and is then tossed with another superfood ~ toasted walnuts which are high in omega 3’s and great for your skin, amongh other health benefits.

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