Al Tiramisu Cookbook by Chef Luigi Diotaiuti


Al Tiramisu Cookbook by Chef Luigi Diotaiuti

Al Tiramisu Cookbook Al Tiramisu Cookbook

Who knew that tiramisu could be so popular?! Chef Luigi Diotaiuti was born in Basilicata, Italy and worked in some of my favorite Italian destinations, one of which is Sardinia, and he also worked in Paris. Lucky for the USA, Chef Luigi opened Al Tiramisu Restaurant in 1996 in Washington D.C. Dignitaries, celebrities, and regular “Joe’s” have enjoyed his family recipes, Italian heritage, and fine dining experience in D.C. and now, Chef Luigi shares his favorite fabulous recipes with the world in his new cookbook, The Al Tiramisu Cookbook. Family photos and stories are peppered throughout the book which features many of his classic recipes and more.

Al Tiramisu by Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Al Tiramisu by Chef Luigi Diotaiuti

Chef Luigi is our featured guest on The Bikini Lifestyles Show this week on Talk Radio 790 KABC. Enjoy the free podcast here: Chef Luigi’s Al Tiramisu Cookbook

Podcast highlights:
*Chef Luigi Diotaiuti
*Al Tiramisu Cookbook
*Recipe of the Week: Lime Shrimp with Cayenne Aioli
Citrus Shrimp
Our featured recipe this week is based on my (Susan Irby) travels and culinary training in Florence, Italy many years ago. Simple citrus flavors make this dish “pop” and are the perfect complement to spicy cayenne.
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Recipe will be posted soon!

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