Manhattan Beach Post – A Social House

Beautiful Manhattan Beach hosts the Manhattan Beach Post restaurant . This restaurant has a fun feel to it with the menu being on a long sheet of old fashion paper and their dishes are under fun labels such as “Pass the Bread”, “Cheeses”, “Eat your vegetable”, “Seafood…Eat food…”, “Meat me later”, and “A spoon full of sugar”. Creative and delicious, Calvin Trillin has created a atmosphere not to be forgotten about.  The “Pass the Bread” was a decadent bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuit with maple butter. I also had a savory Asparagus and Poached Jidori Hen Egg. Along with that, I had the dehydrated and slightly spicy Marinated Cucumbers with olives and chick peas. Calvin Trillin says that the Fee Fi Fo Fum Fries “will rock your beanstalk”. That is a must try for my next visit now! For seafood I tried the Steamed Mussels with green curry, vietnamese sausage and sticky rice. This dish is served and made in a pot, very fun!  Along with their fun food menu, the MB Post has a extravagant wine menu. This beach restaurant will not disappoint you!

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